Gold Creek Enterprises Ltd. produces small applications that make your day easier, better or more enjoyable. Our application ideas are derived from customer requests so don't hesitate to send us an email.

Our currently released products are:

PM Practice Test
For use in studying to take your PMP® certification exam.
Now available for MacOS 10.8+.
You can buy PM Practice Test and PM Practice Multiple Tests on the
Mac App Store.

An early home-computer strategy game carefully re-designed with a clean, simple interface for the iPhone and iPad. Winning against the computer requires both a good strategy and the ability to recognize spacial patterns.
Now available for iOS (iPhone and iPad).
You can buy HexFiller on the iTunes App Store.

mwx-logo-tall-small For all MacOS®, iOS® and most Windows® application development we use the Xojo™ language (previously Real Basic and Real Studio). We recommend the Xojo object oriented cross-platform development environment.

We are currently reworking all of our products, so check back in mid-2017 for product news.

Our current focus is releasing a Windows version of PM Practice Test distributed via Amazon. Have to get the licensing worked out. Long range is a Mac-based board game for operation with Apple's Game Center.

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