- 200 questions in each set
- ratio of questions from process groups is the same as in the PMI exam
- each question written by a certfiied PMP

- explanation of the correct answers and the incorrect answers
- references to the leading sources of project management knowledge, in addition to the PMBOK Guide, Fourth Edition

- select as many or as few questions as you want
- choose a test length, by number of questions, or elect to do all the questions from one or more process groups

- review your answers against the correct answers after you have completed the whole test
- or, you can see the correct answer after each question
- or, if you want to see the answer only when you need help, prompt after each question

- identical features and functionality available for the Mac as well as the PC

PMPractice Test

Sample PMP ® certification exam

Available for Windows and
Mac OS X

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- see which process groups you need to study more
- evaluate your timing, can you take more time, or do you need to speed up?
- move on to reviewing your answers

- time per question is 72 seconds, same as the PMI exam
- test your ability to get the eaxm completed in the allowable time
- timer can be disabled while you learn, until you're ready for the real thing